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Trona Onda Spa Bed

1 848 €

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Onda Spa Beds are designed for Spas, hotels e Resorts for indoor and outdoor use and they can be totally customized to adapt to your areas. the soft lines of Onda Beds convey elegance to the location, where relax is the main focus before and after wellness treatments. Simplicity, ergonomics and beauty are the main Onda features: the shape of

Onda welcomes the body, giving it delicate support and keeping the legs elevated, for a full relax sensation. Onda is handmade in eco-leather, a special fabric used in the nautical  sector which you can customize in relation  to your preferences.

Request your Onda Beds in the colors that better fit your comfort zone. You can demand for Onda Beds with pleasant and achromatic colors for indoor use. Choose your Onda Spa Beds with basic, warm and metal colors for outdoor use.

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Fireproof eco-friendly leather

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