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Trona Cloud Sofa

690 €

VAT included (20%)


Cloud Sofa is a comfortable and original bean bag that fits with your body and can be used indoors and outdoors. Cloud Sofa is  covered with a special, soft eco-leather used in the nautical sector that you can customize on demand and replace every year for an ideal look time after time. the mould-and-scratch repellent cover is easily removable and washable, patented to resist against fire and water. Cloud Sofa is light and elegant: bring it from your garden to your poolside or to your Yacht without worrying about altering its original shape.

Cloud Sofa details:
Width 100 cm
lenght 80 cm
height 69 cm
> Fabric: Nautical Eco-Friendly leather / Polystyrene Small Balls
> color: White

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Nautical eco-friendly leather / polystyrene small balls

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