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Trona Magnum Armchair

3 684 €

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Trona Magnum armchair is a Design double-seat for the whole family. With Trona Magnum you can relax, floating safely on the water surface. Create your customized living room indoors or on your poolside and complete your spaces Trona tables and armchairs.
to keep your tRoNa living clean and in order, do not forget to buy the spe- cial cover for your Trona products.

Trona Magnum armchair (closed) details:
Sitting-height 35 cm

Magnum armchair (opened) details:
Width 130 cm
length 190 cm
height 17 cm

> Base Version: chair Back + lumbar
> luxury Version: chair Back + lumbar + headrest + 2 glass-holders + 1 cover
> Fabric: Nautical Eco-Friendly leather
> color: White (on demand Bejge o Sand)

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Nautical eco-friendly leather

Réf. 23590876

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