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Trona Armchair

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Trona is the only design armchair  that can be easily put inside and out- side water. Trona armchair includes 5 products in 1: from elegant seat out of water, it becomes a luxury floating mattress inside water thanks to its original Plexi base. Trona armchair  changes style and shape as you prefer. opened, it is a luxury, comfortable and safe Design Floating armchair. closed on its plexi-base,  it’s an elegant piece of furniture customizable for indoor and outdoor spaces. You can personalize your Trona armchair on demand.

Trona armchair (closed) details:
Sitting-height 35 cm

Trona armchair (opened) details:
Width 80 cm
length 190 cm
height 17 cm

> Base Version: chair Back + lumbar
> luxury Version: chair Back + lumbar + headrest
+ 1 glass-holder + 1 cover
> Fabric: Nautical Eco-Friendly leather
> color: White (on demand Bejge or Sand)

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Nautical eco-friendly leather

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