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Boatside 2021's selection

6 p.m.
Already locked up, on the way home, coming out of work, or completing a new day of teleworking...
Although these measures are essential to stay safe and overcome the COVID 19, this daily routine is starting to get boring...

Want to escape?

To stay mentally healthy and in good shape it is essential to take time for yourself.
Now you are probably thinking yes of course but:
- Gyms are closed…
- The best places to go for a run or a walk are the most crowded ones…

That’s why Boatside offers you here its list of brand-new water toys and products to keep you active in 2021 and bring a little freshness to your everyday life.

1. Jobe Infinity Sea scooter with bag and snorkel set


Want to have fun below the water surface?

Explore the shallows and dive up to 30 meters away from the daily hassles with Jobe Infinity Sea scooter with bag and snorkel set!
It’s your time to re-invents fun below the water surface up to 40 minutes. And with two batteries included you can explore twice as long! Additionally, the Infinity Sea scooter features three speeds for cruising around slowly or at a brisk pace!
And to extend your little getaway capture views like never before with the built-in GoPro mount and make your memories last forever.


2. Create your Bana City


Want to party, have lunch or just hang out all day in complete safety?

Create your Bana City with the inflatables of your choice.
Start with the YB Party Bana, which is a foundational Bana for creating a Bana City and release your creativity!

  • YB Splash Bana: to sit or lay comfortably on the deck
  • YB Loungers: perfect for the beach as well as on the water. There are anchors on the outside of the tent legs that are used for anchoring in the sand or to add on any Module to chill on the water.
  • Bana Tents: Want to protect yourself from the sun while floating on the water? Bana Tents provide great shade on sunny days. The tents can also be used on the beach!

How’s that for a versatile product? Escape and enjoy a privileged experience in all peace of mind!


3. Lampuga E-surf


Let’s ride!

Sail away and enjoy effortless water fun no matter what your skill level thanks to Lampuga E-surf!
The inflatable jet board offers effortless water fun and is enjoyable for all riders. Its performance, practical design and user-friendliness, make the Lampuga Air the ultimate water toy.


4. TAKUMA E-foil cruising


Beginner or expert, gliding sport lover or summer vacationer, if you’ve ever dreamed of flying above water, you need to try e-foiling with Takuma.
The E-foil cruising offers effortless glide and accessibility for all to fly. Efoil cruising is modular: you can change the foil's front wing. Depending on weather conditions and on your level, changing the front wing size may increase the Efoil's efficiency.

5. TAKUMA E-foil carver


An E-foil for playful riders!
A compact board for intense rides. Smaller board and wing (5’3” and front wing 1300) allow for hard carving at high speed: perfect gear to carve with.
 E-foil carver is handy and performs really well, having a prompt responsiveness underfoot to your every move.

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