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The Crystal Kayak Explorer is the #ClearlyBetter choice for paddle enthusiasts around the globe. If you are looking to get out on the water and experience the outstanding marine life in any of the gorgeous clear water destinations around the world, you will quickly see that this experience inside a Crystal Kayak Explorer is the best way to enjoy your time out on the water.                 Paddler’s always have the option to choose between a Kayak and a Canoe for their adventure with each offering a unique experience in their own right; however, the Crystal Kayak Transparent Kayak-Canoe hybrid offers a unique viewing experience as the Lexan surface transforms the viewing area into a glass clear window to the underwater world below.

- Crystal Kayak Explorer is coated with a 99.9% UV Micro Coating that blocks out almost all of the suns harmful rays

- There are 2 ridges underneath the kayak that take the brunt of the scratches while also acting to stabilize the kayak even more.

The box it comes in is 133x37x17 and can hold up to 3 nested kayaks. 

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Polymer hull of 100% ge spanish lexan

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