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Ravïk S Awakeboard

20 280 €

VAT included (20%)


Awake RÄVIK S — The next step in the electric surfboard industry

Little shy of 18 months after it’s big brother comes the AwakeRÄVIK S a high-performance carving machine that provides the adrenaline hungry water sports athletes with the next level of electric propulsion, carving and agility. The Awake RÄVIK S suits the rider who is looking for an intense, adrenaline-pumping experience that enables dynamic use, no matter if you are hitting the waves for a jumping session or looking to carve around the buoys in your custom made track on the lake.


Top Speed: 56kph / 30 knots
Riding time: 20-45 minutes depending on rider style/use
Charging time: 80 minutes
Exchangeable battery: Yes
Rider modes: Yes, four different power settings
Weight: 35kg

+ Included

Everything you need:

• 1 x Battery pack*
• 1 x Speed charger
• 1 x Wireless throttle
• 1 x Throttle induction charger
• 1 x Magnetic Power key
• 2 x Foot straps
• 4 x Performance fins - MFC x Awake
• 1 x Board bag on wheels

*Additional battery packs are available

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Surf électrique

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Carbon fibre hull, aluminium/plastic details on drivetrain

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